University Honors

The University Honors Program, also referred to as “Honors at Iowa,” is a membership-based program open to students with a strong academic record and commitment to membership in the Honors community. You can graduate with University Honors by completing honors-designated coursework and experiential learning opportunities.  A great way to satisfy the experiential learning requirement is to complete an honors thesis project through Honors in the Major. To learn more about eligibility and graduation requirements, visit University Honors.

:NOTE: For those who joined the Honors Program in Spring 2021 and before please follow the Engineering Alternative Curricular Requirements, all those who joined in Fall 2022 will complete the requirements laid out by University Honors.

Honors in Engineering

In addition the University Honors Program, the College of Engineering offers an honors graduation designation specifically for undergraduate engineering students. Honors in the Major can be earned by completing additional requirements within your major.