University of Iowa students outside the College of Engineering may request permission to add a College of Engineering course after the early registration is over prior to beginning of the new session. Please use the list below as a reference for rules and regulations regarding University of Iowa students outside the College of Engineering requesting permission for engineering courses. If you have questions about adding courses or the admission process, please contact the Registrar, Megan Allen.

  • Students seeking admission to the College of Engineering may begin to request special permission for Engineering Core Courses. Completion of the form does not guarrantee permission to register for the course. Students should discuss with their academic advisor of other course options that will allow for them to achieve their academic goals.   

  • Students will be notified the FRIDAY prior to the start of the semester if they have received permission for the course. Once they are contacted via email, they will either be able to add themselves into a class or place themselves on a waitlist for the course, depending on seat availability. 

  • Students who do not meet the pre-requisites for the course requested will not receive special permission to register. 

  • Students who have been dismissed from the College of Engineering and are current College of Liberal Arts students will not be granted special permission to register for any engineering courses. 

  • Students who have already received special permission for the courses listed and not yet been admitted to the College of Engineering should speak with the College of Engineering Registrar, Megan Allen.