Danielle Montgomery

Danielle Montgomery

Major: English and Creative Writing. Minor in Psychology

Track: Publishing

Hometown: Glendale, Wisconsin

Editing Experience: My experience as a Fiction editor for B.A;R.S (Black Art; Real Stories) has allowed me to develop skills such as editing, grammar, and proper sentence structure that would be helpful when peer-editing scholarship letters, resumes. thank-you letters, and persuasive papers that classes in the English department have helped me to establish.

Involvement: I am the fiction editor for B.A;R.S and have attended many campus events for Earthwords and Fools Magazine in the past.

Fun Fact: I love to cook and bake! I'll try any new recipe I find on Pinterest especially if it involves sweets because I have a MAJOR sweet tooth.


Beth Sloan

Major: English and Creative Writing, Art

Track: Publishing

Hometown: Nevada, Iowa

Editing Experience: I have experience with critique and workshops.

Involvement: I’m a part of several literary magazines on campus, including snapshots, Earthwords, Cave Writing, and Broken Clock.

Fun Facts: I have an adorable golden retriever puppy. His name is Murphy!

Hannah Vogts

Hannah Vogts


Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: North Liberty, IA

Graduating Class: 2025

Involvement: I am a member of the Iowa Hawkapellas and am involved in research

Fun fact: I love to be outside! I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and hammocking whenever possible.