Principles of Hydraulics and Hydrology: CEE:3371

Report Format Guidelines

Lab 1 - Pelton Turbine Evaluation

Lab 2 - Weir Project

Project 3 - Floodplain Delineation


Materials Science: ENGR:2720

Materials Science Lab Report Style Guide 

Materials Science Lab Report Writing Presentation 

Word Workshop for Materials Science Lab Reports (edited by Allison Rowe, former Hanson Center Peer Tutor)
This short guide is designed specifically to help you format tables and figures, equations, and references for Materials Science. The full length Word Workshop can be found on the Strategies, Tips, and Resources page.


Principles of Environmental Engineering: CEE:3155  

PEnvE Lab Report Style Guide (adapted for this course by Alyssa Schaeffer, Hanson Center Peer Tutor) 
This guide leads you step-by-step through the writing process, with user-friendly tables that help you choose the correct tense, voice, and verb choices for each section of the report.