Program Length

The MSEIT degree requires 30 semester hours with a total of 10 courses. The curriculum consists of a 12-semester hour (4 course) core and an 18-semester hour (6 course) specialization. Three courses will be offered each semester (spring and fall): one core course, one IT specialization track, and one Engineering specialization track. Normal course load is two courses per semester for a total of 2.5 years/5 semesters.

Core Courses
EIT:5120 Modern Automation and Control
EIT:5135 Modern Information Systems
EIT:5150 Applied Artificial Intelligence
EIT:5155 Cyber-physical Systems
Engineering Process/Technologies Specialization Track
EIT:5211 Machine Learning and Scientific Computing in Engineering 
EIT:5216 Manufacturing Process and Modeling
EIT:5220 Advanced Control Engineering
EIT:5224 Mechanical Design and Realization
EIT:5240 Kinematics of Modern Robotics
EIT:5298 Mechanical Component Durability & Integrity Analysis
Engineering IT specialization track
EIT:5351 Cybersecurity
EIT:5352 Modern Database Systems
EIT:5353 Big Data and Machine Learning
EIT:5380 Software Engineering Methods, Tools, and Frameworks
EIT:5381 Enterprise Software Engineering
EIT:5382 HCI Design and User Experience