Welcome to CenterStage

On Sept. 9, 2023, CenterStage, Presented by RTX, will be revealed with the release of Game Manual Part 2 and Field Assembly Guides. These items can be found on the FIRST website for the Game Manuals Part 1 & 2 (To be released on Sept. 9, 2023). 

The FTC-Iowa looks forward to the 2023-2024 CenterStage Season. We are prepared for this season to be a traditional season.  


  • All teams are required to register with FIRST by logging into their FIRST Dashboard. 
  • Teams must also register with FTC-Iowa.
  • More information can be found on the Registration Information page.

Important Information about Leagues

Generating leagues for the 2023-2024 Season was very difficult for a variety of reasons. Using the following parameters, the leagues have been generated and teams have been notified:

  1. Teams who are located at the same school, or who share a coach, are in the same league. These are considered “sister teams”.
  2. Host locations of the League Tournaments need to be leagues which most makes sense. The team from Nevada, Iowa will not be in the same league as the team from Fort Dodge, Iowa.
  3. Teams within a league needed to be within a decent distance from each other. It was ok if teams needed to drive 90 minutes, but not ok if they had to drive 3 hours.
  4. The league sizes range from 20-28 teams. 
  5. A list of the 2023-2024 leagues will be published at a later date.

Season Information

In Iowa, the number of FTC teams determines how many events are hosted and how many teams participate at those events. Below is a breakdown of the quantity of events and the size of each of those events, including the Super Qualifiers and the Iowa Championship.

  100-119 competing teams 120-167 competing teams  168-200 teams
# League Tournaments (18-28 teams) 6 6
# Super Qualifier Tournaments (24 teams) 0 3
# Teams at Iowa Championship 24 24 48
# Competition fields at Iowa Championship 2 2 4

FTC-Iowa supports teams in Iowa and Nebraska. The number can be found on the FIRST website.

*Some teams have registered with FIRST, but due to other circumstances, they decided not to compete this season.



Super Qualifier Allocation


LEAGUE NAME # teams in league (projected numbers) super qualifier
League A 20 tbd
League B 24


League C 24 tbd
League D 22 tbd
League E 25 tbd
League F 24 tbd
League G 24 tbd
League H 24 tbd
# Teams  Registered with FIRST who are not competing 1  


The number of teams advancing to the Iowa Championship is based on the rounded-up percentage of teams which fed into that specific Super Qualifier.

Super Qualifier Allocation

Super Qualifier

Teams competing at the SQ

# Teams Advancing to Iowa Champ

Name & Location of Super Qualifier List of Competing Teams tbd
Name & Location of Super Qualifier List of Competing Teams tbd
Name & Location of Super Qualifier List of Competing Teams tbd


Information about the Iowa Championship event.