The College of Engineering Advisory Board provides value to the College in developing and achieving its strategic plan/vision.  The Board provides advice by drawing upon perspectives, knowledge, and experiences from global trends.  Meanwhile, the College provides awareness and knowledge of new technologies and educational trends, and informs the Board of its progress in achieving the strategic plan.

Board members benefit by being part of ongoing communication between the world of engineering education as represented by The University of Iowa College of Engineering and the full spectrum of engineering activities.

The primary functions of the Board are:

  • Interact with the College of Engineering leadership team
  • Support Departmental, Center, Institute, and other University advisory boards
  • Advocate with other constituencies critical to the success of the College, such as:
    • Professional and Business communities
    • Industry and Government
    • University administration
  • Interact with the College of Engineering Development Council as needed
Kristi Bauerly

Kristi Schmidt Bauerly (Spring 2023)
(BSE 2002 Industrial Engineering)
Human Factors Engineer, Industrial Design
Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA

Phil Mayberry

Phillip O. Mayberry (Spring 2023)
(BS 1967 Industrial Engineering)
Customer Event Director
Emerson Process Management, Marshalltown, IA

Mike Bauerly

Michael Bauerly (Spring 2024)
(BSE 2003 Industrial Engineering)
(BA 2003 Studio Arts)
Reddit, San Francisco, CA

Matthew McCullough

Matthew McCullough (Spring 2025)
(Ph.D. 2006 Biomedical Engineering)
Associate Dean for Graduate Enrollment, Graduate College
North Carolina A&T State University

Kim Beardsley
Kimberly Beardsley (Spring 2022)
(BSE 1990 Industrial Engineering)
Vice President, Worldwide Parts Services
Deere & Company, Milan, IL
Ronald Metoyer
Ronald A. Metoyer (Spring 2025)
Associate Dean for Diversity & Faculty Development
Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
University of Notre Dame
Elizabeth Bernard

Elizabeth Bernard (Spring 2023)
(BSE 2000 Chemical Engineering)
Paul Hastings LLP, Las Vegas, NV


Amanda Mikhail (Spring 2022)
(BS 1999 Mechanical Engineering)
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Mark Bogue

Mark Bogue (Spring 2022)
(BSE 1982 Civil Engineering)
Hi-Way Products, Inc., Ida Grove, IA

Dan Mineck

Daniel L. Mineck (Fall 2021)
Vice President, Performance Engineering and Environment (retired)  
Alliant Energy, Cedar Rapids, IA

Pat Coleman

Patricia Coleman (Fall 2022)
(BSCE 1978)
Principal (retired)
Thornton-Tomasetti, Dallas, TX

Bernardo Perez

Bernardo A. Perez (Spring 2023)
Director of Engineering
Columbus McKinnon, Charlotte, NC


Barbara L. Cramer (Spring 2025)
(BSE 1997 Electrical Engineering)
Group Director, Custom IC, Systems, Package and Board Business Unit
Cadence Design Systems

Barbara Sines

Barbara J. Sines (Fall 2021)
(BSIE 1980)
Vice President of Manufacturing for the Point of Care (POC) Business Unit (retired)
Siemens Healthcare-Diagnostics, Boston, MA

Steve Davis

Steve Davis (Spring 2023)
(MS 2003 Electrical and Computer Engineering)
President and Owner
BIO::NEOS, Inc., Iowa City, IA

Kathryn Rowen

Kathryn Q. Rowen (Spring 2025)
(BSE 1995 Biomedical Engineering)
General Manager
Alliance Laundry Systems

Chris Day

Christopher S. Day (Spring 2024)
(BSE 1991 Civil Engineering)
Vice President and Project Principal
Stanley Consultants, Inc., Muscatine, IA

Sharon Tinker

Sharon Tinker (Spring 2024)
(BSChE 1980)
Process Safety Engineer (retired)
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, Ankeny, IA

Terry Kouba

Terry Kouba (Spring 2024)
Vice President-Generation Operations
Alliant Energy, Dubuque, IA

Caroline Vaningen-Dunn

Caroline Vaningen-Dunn (Fall 2023)
(BSBME 1983)
Director, SFAz Center for STEM at Arizona State University
President and Owner
C.V.I.D. Consulting Services, Tempe, AZ

Bob Kress

Robert E. Kress, Chair (Spring 2024)
(MA 1981 Business Administration)  
Managing Director, Accenture Security
Accenture, Chicago, IL

Robert Whitemore

Robert W. Whitmore (Fall 2021)
(BSBME 1983)
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (Retired)
Seagate Technology

Adrian LaTrace

Adrian LaTrace (Fall 2022)
Chief Executive Officer
Boyd Industries, Inc., Clearwater, FL