Professor of Mechanics and Hydraulics and Research Engineer, IIHR—Hydroscience and Engineering (1956 – 1984)
Professor Emeritus (1984 – 2012)

Enzo Macagno

Enzo Macagno and the study of fluid mechanics and hydraulics are virtually synonymous. Joining Hunter Rouse and other globally known hydraulics researchers at Iowa in 1956, Macagno helped transform the field in numerous ways. He extended the studies into the realm of biofluids. He worked to expand mechanics and hydraulics education into his native Latin America. And he produced numerous original publications on the history of fluid mechanics that made significant contributions on Leonardo da Vinci’s work. Collaborating with his wife, Matilde, Macagno translated, analyzed, and synthesized da Vinci’s flow concepts, and integrated his da Vinci investigations into the classroom. He will be long remembered for creating a fusion of technology and art.


Inducted: Thursday, May 16, 2013