Professor of Hydraulic Engineering (1920 – 1933)
Hydraulics Laboratory Director (1920 – 1931)
Founder and Director, Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research (1931 – 1933)

Floyd Nagler

Floyd Nagler guided and promoted the Hydraulics Laboratory through its first 13 years, maintaining his seminal leadership until his untimely death at age 41. He launched multiple research projects within a few years of his arrival on campus in 1920. By establishing graduate programs in research, he helped transform the College into a research-oriented center for advanced study. Nagler also established the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research (now IIHR – Hydroscience & Engineering), built a sizeable IIHR staff, guided over 50 graduate students, and was responsible for construction of the current Hydraulics Laboratory. A man of amazing energy and enthusiasm, he laid a firm base for IIHR’s future excellence, productivity, and international acclaim.

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Inducted: Saturday, June 12, 2004