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There are many opportunities for prospective students to visit the College of Engineering and get to know more about the incredible students, faculty, opportunities, and facilities; see details below.

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SWE High School Conference

April 14th, 2023

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Explore Engineering at Iowa - Saturday program

Join us for our most in-depth program to learn about the success-focused and team-based engineering experience at the University of Iowa. We look forward to introducing you to what it means to "be an engineer and something more" and answering all your questions. The Explore Engineering program includes all these activities:

  • Hear a variety of perspectives and experiences of current students, faculty members, and the Engineering Student Success Team about what makes Engineering at Iowa an excellent choice for smart and multi-talented students.
  • Learn about all eight engineering majors offered at Iowa and go to a more detailed session on two or three of the majors.
  • Attend a "Something More" Fair to talk with current engineering students who are athletes, musicians, in student organizations, studying abroad, etc.
  • Hear from Engineering Career Services about co-ops, internships, and after-graduation opportunities and statistics.
  • Learn about the new LEaPP Academy: Leadership, Ethics, and Professional Pathways and other opportunities to be engaged in research, volunteering, and campus leadership positions.
  • Have a complimentary lunch on campus.
  • Option to see a residence hall sample room, go on a campus tour, and take a tour of the Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts & Sciences to see classrooms, innovative labs, and other favorite spots in the engineering building.

Daily Engineering Academic Session and Student Ambassador-led Tour 

  • A one-hour general engineering academic session followed by a one-hour tour of the engineering building.
  • Meet with Ryan Puhrmann, Director of Engineering Admissions and Outreach, to learn more about Engineering at Iowa.
  • We'll be joined by current engineering students and often an engineering faculty member, who all have interesting perspectives to share.
  • Following the academic session is a walking tour of the Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts & Sciences. Engineering student ambassadors will show you classrooms, teaching and research labs, the creative space in the engineering library, the student commons and world flag display, the Student Development Center, the electronic shop, the machine shop, and other favorite spots in the engineering building like the rooftop terrace and napping pods. Along the way, they'll share their experiences as engineering students at the University of Iowa. Your questions are welcome. 

More questions about Engineering Admissions or want a virtual meeting?

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More questions about Engineering Admissions or want a virtual meeting?

If you would prefer to meet Ryan Puhrmann virtually, or you have another question after you leave campus, feel free to schedule a one-on-one appointment to meet with either of us through Zoom. Appointment times are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.

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