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During August, 2022 we hosted a Coach/Mentor Professional Development. This Professional Development was open to all coaches, new or experienced. 


August 1 - 3, 2022

  • Interactive and hands-on sessions about a variety of topics for FTC.
  • To share best practices, New and Returning coaches and experienced volunteers are welcomed each of the days.


  • The Seamans Center for Engineering Arts & Sciences, University of Iowa, 103 S. Capitol Street, Iowa City, Iowa

Goals of the PD:

  • Prepare coaches and mentors for an upcoming FTC Season.
  • Connect coaches and mentors with each other, future connections for future questions or issues.
  • Educate attendees about recent or new changes within FTC.
  • Expand the knowledge base of attendees. Help attendees think outside of the box of what they normally would have considered.
  • Have participants go through a mini-season within a team: a build season; a "tournament" with a judging interview, matches and an alliance selection.
  • Share the expectations FTC-Iowa has for coaches and mentors.
  • To be as interactive as possible. Lots of small group activities. Less presentations.

Covered Topics of the PD:

  • Hopes and Expectations
  • Being an effective coach & mentor
    • Tips from returning coaches
    • Sharing of Resources
    • Volunteering at Events
    • Hosting an event
  • Team dynamics
    • How to recruit students
    • How to divide a large team
    • How to divide students between two teams
  • Judging
    • How to win awards
    • Becoming a judge
    • The Engineering Portfolio
  • The Engineering Design Process
  • What to expect during Team Inspections
  • Programming 101
  • A Simulated Competition Season