Requirements for Post-docs and Graduate Students in the College

  1. All new (as of summer 2012) post-docs and graduate students must take the Engineering Ethics course. This includes non-thesis MS students. 
  2. All post-docs and graduate students appointed to NIH grants or NSF grants that were submitted as of January 2010 or after are required to have training REGARDLESS of when they came to the college. They must complete their training before they leave the university OR the project ends. Those not having already completed the Graduate College course must take the Engineering Ethics course.  
  3. A post doc that was here in the UI College of Engineering as a grad student and took the Engineering Ethics course (as a grad student) does not have to take the course again.
  4. The BS/MS students may take the course in Year 1 if they ask for permission, otherwise they can enroll for Year 2.
  5. If there are special circumstances where post docs and graduate students can not satisfy the requirements as stated above then they will need to contact the Associate Dean of Research.

To enroll 

Grad students and Postdocs have different procedures:

  1. New engineering graduate students need to enroll in the Engineering course: ENGR: 7270:0001: Engineering Ethics
    Grad students enroll through MyUI
  2. New engineering postdocs need to enroll in the Engineering course: ENGR: 7604:0001: Engineering Ethics for Post Docs

Post docs (or their departments) must send the following to Joshua Lobb (

  1. Postdoc name
  2. UI ID number
  3. and they will be registered by Josh

Questions should be directed to