Education is an investment in yourself. Fortunately, the tremendous job opportunities and starting salaries for engineers provide a relatively quick return on your financial investment. The College of Engineering and the University of Iowa have both merit- and need-based scholarships that assist students in funding their education. Engineering students benefit from the generosity of over 150 scholarship donors. 

Once admitted, use your HawkID to log in to the University of Iowa Scholarship Portal to see all scholarships for the College of Engineering, the specific criteria for each scholarship, and to complete your scholarship application. Your single scholarship application will automatically place you into consideration for the scholarships you qualify for; therefore, you do not need to apply for them individually.    

University Financial Aid

The University of Iowa is committed to helping students from all backgrounds access a world-class education.  To help students fund college, the university offers financial aid, scholarships, and work study programs through the University’s Office of Student Financial Aid

Additional university resources:

Incoming First-Year Students

Incoming first-year students may be considered for competitive scholarship opportunities through the College of Engineering.   If you are not offered a first-year award, please be aware that there are opportunities for current students as they progress through the curriculum.  

If you are awarded a scholarship, but for any reason do not meet the direct admission criteria after official test scores and transcripts are received, the scholarship will be revoked.  

Scholarship Timeline for First-Year Students

  Apply to The University of Iowa
December 1
(priority deadline)
Complete the Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by December 1 (strongly encouraged for consideration for scholarship awards and need-based aid); FAFSA applications open Oct 1. 
January 1  Submit your scholarship application via the portal by January 1 to be automatically considered for all engineering scholarships for which you qualify.  
Mid-February Check your financial aid package, including scholarship offers
Annually Apply for scholarship consideration each year 

Opportunities for Current Students

Merit Awards
Students may qualify for College of Engineering and major-specific scholarships based on academic performance, special interest, professionalism or leadership.

Departmental Awards
Some departments within the College of Engineering may offer opportunities for students that have declared that major.  

Need-Based Awards
Both the Scholarship Application and FAFSA must be on file for consideration of scholarship based on financial need.

Scholarship Timeline for Current Students

December 1
(priority deadline)
Complete the Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by December 1 (strongly encouraged for consideration for scholarship awards and need-based aid); FAFSA applications open Oct 1.
January 1  Submit your scholarship application via the portal by January 1 to be automatically considered for all scholarships for which you qualify.  
Mid-March Check your financial aid package, including scholarship offers
Annually Apply for scholarship consideration each year

Terms of Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Renewals
Engineering scholarships are typically one-year awards for both incoming first-year students and currently-enrolled engineering students.  

Disbursement of your scholarship is contingent upon full time enrollment in the College of Engineering, unless otherwise stated in your scholarship notification from the College of Engineering.  

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

EE student in lab

Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarships

The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department offers scholarship opportunities for undergraduate, transfer and first-year students with excellent academic records.

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IIHR research in river

IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering

IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering (IIHR) offers a fellowship which was established to provide an opportunity for undergraduates to become involved in hydroscience (hydraulic, fluid-mechanic, or hydrologic) research.

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student abroad

Study Abroad Scholarships

Interested in studying abroad? The College of Engineering offers global engineering scholarships to assist with the expenses.

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Advising Frequently Asked Questions


  • You can add most courses on MyUI without any required approvals until Sunday, January 31 at 11:59 p.m. Search for the course on the “Course Type” search on MyUI  ̶  Courses and Registration (scroll below the list view of your current courses.) Once you identify an open section that works in your schedule, register directly by clicking on the blue “Enroll” link on the right side.  
  • Starting Monday, February 1, you will need to request permissions/authorizations and follow the process outlined on the University Registrar’s website
  • The last day to add most academic courses without Dean’s approval (which requires extenuating circumstances) is Friday, February 5 at 4:30 pm.  


  • You can change sections on your own on MyUI without any required approvals until Sunday, January 31 at 11:59 p.m.. Log into MyUI  ̶  Courses and Registration. On the list view of your courses, scroll to the section you would like to change and click the “Change” link on right side of the page. Select “Change Section” and choose your desired section from the list of available options. Click to confirm the change.
  • Starting Monday, February 1, you will need to request permissions from the instructor of the new section and follow the process outlined on the University Registrar’s website.  


  • Search for the course on the “Course Type” search on MyUI  ̶  Courses and Registration (scroll below the list view of your current courses.) Click on the blue “Add to Waitlist” link on the right side of the page. To increase your chances of enrolling quickly, add yourself to as many waitlists as will work in your schedule; make sure you check for schedule conflicts with your current courses.
  • Continue to monitor email and text messages closely – seat offers expire after 24 hours.
  • Keep checking MyUI to see if seats have opened up in any other sections of the course that may work for you - seat availability changes frequently.
  • MyUI waitlists are only active until Sunday, January 31 at 11:59pm. In order to add a course after that time, you will need to receive instructor permission. Contact the instructor listed in MyUI and follow the instructions to add a course.
  • See the Registrar's website for more information about waitlists.


  • Most students can drop a class on MyUI without any permissions/authorizations until Sunday, January 31 at 11:59 p.m. Log into MyUI  ̶  Courses and Registration. On the list view of your courses, select the “Drop” link on right side of the page. Ensure that you click through all of the required screens to confirm the drop. International students and athletes may need to request additional permissions for a drop; specific instructions will be provided when initiating the online process.
  • Starting Monday, February 1, you will need to request permission/authorization from your academic advisor on MyUI. You can initiate the process by clicking on the “Drop” link on right side of the page. Be sure to click through all of the pages to fully initiate the drop. Your academic advisor is notautomatically notified of your request, so you should email them to request they authorize your drop. Once your advisor grants permission, you must log back into MyUI and complete the drop process.
  • Friday, February 5 by 4:30 pm is the last day to drop a class without a ‘W’ on your transcript. A ‘W’ on the transcript means you withdrew from a course. Please reach out to your advisor or utilize academic advisors’ daily drop-in hours with any questions about dropping classes. If you are thinking of withdrawing from all of your courses, log-in to virtual drop-in hours to speak with an academic advisor and review the process. 


  • A red asterisk (*) on your schedule indicates that there is a conflict between course times. Take a close look at the class times and ensure that none of your lectures, labs, or discussions overlap. To resolve these conflicts, follow the instructions to change sections or log-in to virtual drop-in hours to speak with an academic advisor for assistance.
  • If you cannot spot overlapping course times, the conflict may be a mid-term exam that is scheduled during the regular meeting time for another course. You should plan to attend your regularly scheduled course and email the professor giving the exam to set-up an alternative testing time. This is quite common, so do not stress, but make sure you make arrangements with your professor well in advance.


  • Beginning Monday, January 25, and continuing through the entire spring semester, you can schedule an individual advising appointment by clicking on the Advising Appointment tile on MyUI or by calling 319-335-5763. Use these meetings to discuss your major plans, future classes, elective focus areas, minors, honors, and/or anything else you would like to talk through.
  • Students with faculty advisors: Many faculty members do not utilize the MyUI appointment system during the semester, so just email or call their office to request a time to meet. You can also contact your department’s office with questions or check the College of Engineering Virtual Hub on ICON to view the Engineering Registrar’s drop-in hours (under the Have Questions? Contact Information module).


  • Beginning Monday, January 25, and continuing throughout the entire spring semester, academic advisors and peer advisors will be holding virtual drop-in hours. Click here to sign-in with your HawkID.
    • Academic Advisors: Monday-Friday, 1:00-2:00 pm – use for making schedule changes for the spring semester or for quick, time-sensitive questions.
    • Peer Advisors: Monday-Friday, 1:00-3:00 pm – visit their website for more information including their schedule, bios, and contact information


  • You can add most minors and certificates on your own on MyUI  ̶  Student Information  ̶  Programs of Study & Advisor. You can then request a new degree audit to review the course requirements.
  • Pre-health: Contact the Academic Advising Center directly: or (319) 353-5700 to request an additional pre-health advisor to assist you.


  • WITHIN ENGINEERING:  Complete the “Change of Major/Program of Study” form on the Academic Forms page. Your major will be changed and a new advisor assigned (if needed) within one week.
  • OUTSIDE of ENGINEERING:  Visit virtual drop-in hours as soon as possible to meet with an academic advisor to review the process of changing colleges.


  • NEW! Are you interested in improving your academic habits, test taking skills, time management, or ability to bounce back in stressful situations? Join one of the academic success workshops specifically offered to engineering students this spring to learn tips and strategies that you can use to help you achieve your academic goals. More information about these workshops can be found on the College of Engineering Virtual Hub on ICON.
  • The College of Engineering offers a wide range of academic support resources for students. You are encouraged to visit Engineering Tutoring, offered via Zoom, Sunday – Thursday from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Tutoring will begin on Monday, January 31. 
  • Are you interested in finding a study group? Join the College of Engineering Study Tables! Click here to learn more.
  • Additional University of Iowa campus resources are listed here – we encourage you to try different resources to find the one(s) that will work best for you!

Contact Information

For more information on scholarships, please contact April Tippett, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer at or (319)335-5952.