FIRST Tech Challenge in Iowa depends on registration fees to help cover expenses related to running the program. It is important to note, the FIRST registration fees that all teams pay to FIRST, stays at FIRST Headquarters in New Hampshire and does not get passed onto the local organization. All Iowa-based teams need to register with Iowa. Additionally, any team advancing from the League Tournament level, will also need to register and pay a tournament fee.

The University of Iowa has transitioned to a new credit card payment system and at this time it accepts Master Card/VISA/Discover. On the statement, charges will be listed as "UI CoEngr FTC K12". View the University of Iowa Privacy Policy.

Iowa Registration

There is a registration fee of $235/team for Iowa. As you may be aware, the FIRST Registration fee of $275 goes directly to FIRST Headquarters and does not cover any Iowa-related expenses. The $235/team Iowa registration fee covers the cost of purchasing competition fields, venue related expenses for league tournament and training events, volunteer expenses (food at training, etc.) as well as trophies/pins for the league tournaments. We have a No Refund Policy. This registration is only for Iowa-based FTC teams.

Please note: The registration form also asks for demographic information of your students (gender and ethnicity). Please provide as much of the student demographic information as possible. Updates will be requested during the season.

**Register for FTC-Iowa** (link is sent directly to those who have registered with FIRST.)

Super Qualifier Registration

  • This registration fee, $225/team, for a traditional event and $100/team for a remote event. The registration fee covers expenses related to hosting the Super Qualifier, including event related expenses and trophies for the Super Qualifier events.
  • This registration is only for Iowa-based FTC teams.
  • Registration link will open in January, 2021 and qualified teams will be notified directly.

Iowa Championship Registration

  • Teams who advance to the Iowa Championship, will also be asked to register. Registration fee, $265/team for a traditional event. For a Remote Iowa Championship, the registration fee will be $165. This registration fee covers venue rental, volunteer shirts, volunteer parking expenses, volunteer food, and trophies for the Iowa Championship.
  • This registration is only for Iowa-based FTC teams.
  • Registration link will open in February, 2020 and qualified teams will be notified directly.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

We have a No Refund Policy if a team decides not to compete in any level of event in Iowa.


For any additional questions, team may contact FIRST Tech Challenge - Iowa, 319-335-5706,