Q: How will CBE labs take place in the fall?

A: All CBE labs (Chemical Process Safety – CBE:3125, Chemical Reaction Engineering/Separations Lab – CBE:3155, and Process Dynamics and Control in Design – CBE: 4105) will be primarily instructed in person.

Q: How will the College of Engineering and the University limit exposure to other students during classes?

A: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) | The University of Iowa (uiowa.edu) describes the policies and procedures the University will use to limit exposure for faculty, staff, and students. Students are highly encouraged to wear good-fitting face coverings (a.k.a. masks) and to follow social distancing to reduce transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19. Please refer to the University website for additional information on vaccination, hygiene and hand-washing, what to do if you don’t feel well, and self-reporting of cases, 

Q: Will I be required to attend in person classes?

A: Based on our experience and your comments from the spring, we understand the importance of in person instruction for chemical engineering when possible and safe. While on-line courses can be effective, we firmly believe that it cannot entirely replace the importance of personal interaction and the learning environment of a classroom. As such, we have prioritized certain classes to have significant in-person elements. At the instructor’s discretion, portions of in person classes may also incorporate on-line components based on best practices learned from our spring experiences. 

Q: What should I do if I feel sick, especially with a cough, sore throat, fever and/or other potential COVID-19 symptoms.

A: DO NOT come to class! Follow campus guidelines to isolate and be tested. What to do if you're sick | Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - The University of Iowa (uiowa.edu) Inform your instructor ASAP that you are not feeling well. The instructor will work with you for necessary accommodations.

Q: I just found out someone I have been around has tested positive for COVID-19. What should I do?

A: University policy on testing and quarantine can be found here:  What to do if you're sick | Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - The University of Iowa (uiowa.edu)

Q: If I do get sick, will I need to make up work I miss?

A: As with any illness, you will still need to fulfill the requirements for each class and will be graded accordingly. At the same time, you should work with your instructors to help minimize the impact. You should inform them quickly that you are not feeling well, then stay in regular contact while doing your best to complete work.

Q: Where can I go if I have back-to-back classes in different modalities and need a place to sit and log-in to my online class?

A: There will be spaces on-campus that students are able to reserve when they have back-to-back classes in different modalities.  Please visit studentspace.uiowa.edu to reserve a space. 

Q: How to I self-report a positive or presumed positive COVID-19 test?

A: Please complete the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form