2022-23 DEI Action Plan
Objective Actions

Invest in (and develop best practices for) recruiting diverse students, faculty, and staff

2023-23: Continued Focus on Faculty Searches, PTD and Faculty Onboarding

  • Formalize COE PTD Process with guidance documents about roles, responsibilities, expectations, and timelines.
  • Engage and support newly hired faculty; help new faculty build community, connect with mentors, expand networks, and gain access to other resources and support mechanisms.
  • Work with ADGPRF to establish a learning, mentoring, and support community for assistant professors
Educate and train students, faculty, staff, and administrators on how to be more inclusive and collaborative.
  • Collect faculty/staff participation in BUILD, SafeZone and other campus programs; share with DEOs and unit leaders annually; recognize units with strong participation.
  • Use council members, emails, social media, and web to promote, facilitate, and recognize faculty, staff and student participation in DEI programs and workshops sponsored by the university (e.g., NCBI, SafeZone and BUILD) and national organizations (e.g., ASEE, NAE).
  • Encourage the incorporation of equity, inclusion, and social justice topics throughout curriculum; provide examples and resources to faculty.
Foster equity in undergraduate student success
  • Work with eSST to promote the use of best-practices for advising; consider ways to recognize advising excellence.
  • Identify and pursue funding mechanisms to support long-term efforts related to student retention and inclusive teaching.
  • Work with eSST to strengthen the support of, and engagement with, identity-based student organizations. Can faculty play a role in encouraging participation and/or better engage with and support these organizations?
  • Re-evaluate how DEI scholarships are distributed – do these need to be a separate application process, or can they be awarded with other collegiate scholarships?
Organize, support, and promote DEI-centric workshops, events, and recognition
  • Coordinate UI COE’s participation in the Fall 2022 DEI/ABET workshop at Penn State, including team formation, workshop attendance, and dissemination of learnings to broader college.
  • Continue to solicit and fund DEI initiatives led by faculty, staff, and/or students
Ensure that college policies, practices, and communication channels are transparent and equitable
  • Update and analyze data needed for ASEE Diversity Recognition Program (ADRP) Silver Status in preparation for Fall 2023 submission of Silver Recognition. Continue to share appropriate data (including enrollment and retention) with faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders annually.
  • Organize regular opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and alumni to provide feedback (i.e. listening posts or office hours).
  • Conduct DEI-focused exit interviews for departing faculty and staff.
  • See Also – Objective #1