The Challenge

The current reality of the global pandemic has forced an adaptation in how FIRST Tech Challenge teams participate in events - FTC Remote Events. The events rely heavily on the teams to honestly represent their participation in Remote Events. We are relying on teams to do their own inspections and score their own matches in an honest and accurate manner.

Unfortunately, there is no way for FTC-Iowa to stop or prevent teams from taking advantage of the opportunity and compete unfairly and be less than honest. We can only provide encouragement and recognition for teams who "do the right thing". Participating in Playing Fair & Sharing Ideas is not a requirement, it is totally optional for teams.

Request for the Teams:

  • Honesty
    • Honesty and integrity are some of the hallmarks of FIRST teams. 
    • Students and teams hold themselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
  • Transparency
    • Be open and transparent about the accomplishments and challenges your team overcomes. Teams should show the world they have nothing to hide and they are proud of their accomplishments.
    • Post a walk-around video of your robot and describe its features and functionality. Think of this as a self-inspection. (Teams could even follow the inspection checklist.) Tag us. 
    • Post a video for each of the matches the team completes as part of the Remote Meets. Note: for youth protection and safety, avoid including names or faces of any youth in the videos. Create a playlist or channel for the videos and share widely!
    • Encourage the other teams in your community to do the same!
  • Accountability
    • Each team member should be accountable.
    • Hold the members of the team accountable.
    • Encourage other teams to be committed to the values of FIRST.
    • Be a positive role model for what it means to be a FIRST team.


Teams will be invited to post and share videos of their robot self-inspections and matches. Other teams and volunteers will be able to view the videos to get ideas, collaborate and to work together. FTC-Iowa will not review the videos nor re-score the matches. This is simply to prove your team is accountable, honest and transparent with the FTC-Iowa community.

Form to submit videos

Spreadsheet of submitted videos