Congratulations to the 2020 Student Leadership Award Winners! 

Message from Dr. Nicole Grosland: 

Each spring the College of Engineering recognizes outstanding student leadership through a series of awards presented to students and student organizations. Each of the individuals, and organizations, recognized are leaders who have paved the way for their peers — they have served as role-models, inspiring, encouraging, challenging, and empowering others to achieve excellence.    

 Your actions exemplify not only leadership, but dedication and selfless service to your organization that are core values to the college. You should take great pride in this accomplishment.   

Congratulations to each of the 2020 College of Engineering Leadership Award recipients, as well as to each nominee.   


Dr. Nicole Grosland 
Associate Dean for Academic Programs 


Message from Iowa Senator Zach Wahls

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Engineers…and Something More 

See a video that highlights our student organizations and other work done by our students!

And the 2020 Student Leadership Award Winners are… 

Student Organization Awards: 


Outstanding Student Organization Leader - a leader in a student organization who displays significant dedication to the organization and its members by contributing to the organizations mission and goals, promoting diversity and service, and by creating community among the organization’s members. 

Winner: Guadalupe Munoz Rocha, Graduate Ambassador, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 


Guadalupe Munoz Rocha

Emerging Leader - A first-year, second-year, or transfer student in a student organization who demonstrates significant effort, leadership, and involvement in improving the organization. 

Winner: Leah Elliot, Iowa Formula Racing 
Leah Elliot


Unsung Hero - a member of a student organization who demonstrates significant contribution or initiative without holding a leadership position within the organization.

Winner: Nicole Stubbe, Society of Women Engineers 
Nicole Stubbe


Outstanding Student Organization Advisor - an advisor who acts as a positive role model and provides guidance and encouragement while supporting the organization’s goals. 

Winner: Dr. David Murhammer, American Institute of Chemical Engineers 
Dr. David Murhammer



Outstanding Student Organization - a student organization that demonstrates significant initiative, creativity, perseverance, and integrity in its members throughout all areas of the organization.

Winner: Iowa Formula Racing 
Iowa Formula Racing 


Outstanding Student Program for Service, Outreach, or Diversity - a student organization that has made meaningful contributions to students, the university, and the surrounding communities through service projects, K-12 outreach, or diversity initiatives.

Winner: Society of Women Engineers 
Society of Women Engineers 


Most Improved Student Organization - a student organization that has demonstrated significant improvement in membership recruitment, improved the focus of the organization's mission or operation, or improved or implemented new programs.

Winner: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 


General Leadership Awards: 

Engineer and Something More – a student who exemplifies our motto for "Engineer and Something More" through substantial involvement in the college, in the University, or in the community. This involvement may be through service, leadership and/or experiential education. It could include, but is not limited to, involvement in music, athletics, study abroad, community service, leadership, and/or campus organizations, etc.  

Winner: Amanda Ollinger, Computer Science and Engineering 
Amanda Ollinger

Outstanding Mentor - a student/staff/faculty/alum in the College of Engineering who acts as a positive role model and provides guidance and encouragement while supporting students.

Winner: Calvin Kielas-Jensen, Mechanical Engineering 
Calvin Kielas-Jensen


Outstanding Teaching Assistant or Tutor - an undergraduate student who makes a major contribution to teaching and learning through work as a Teaching Assistant or Engineering Tutor. 

Winner: Gabby Mueller, Biomedical Engineering
Gabby Mueller


Outstanding College of Engineering Student Employee – a student employee in the college who has shown extraordinary work ethic and has made an impact in the workplace.

Winner: Katie Sailer, Mechanical Engineering  


Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination and thank you to our panel of judges that reviewed them!