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Our goals are to 1) lead the nation in select areas of research and economic development that are transformative and have global impact and 2) achieve sustainable growth in diverse graduate student enrollment



- Maintain and enhance our leadership position on campus and beyond when confronting the grand challenges of the 21st Century


Critical Tasks

- Identify areas of current and desired research strength to become collegiate research focus

- Invest in these research areas of strength by targeted faculty hiring and fostering research collaborations with Centers and Institutes

- Actively coordinate writing proposals for larger, multidisciplinary research grants in identified research areas

- Increase number of research and graduate student training proposals in targeted research areas

- Identify new sources of support for research programs, such as philanthropic organizations, strategic alliances with industry, etc.

- Continue establishing strategic research partnerships on and off campus


Indicators of Success

- Research areas of strength identified

- Plan developed for investing in the targeted research areas

- An increase in submissions of large multi-investigator, multi-institution research proposals and graduate student training grants in targeted research areas

- An increase in number and size of awarded grants in targeted research areas


- Support a collegiate culture in which all faculty, staff, and students advance the research mission through their pursuit of excellence


Critical Tasks

- Develop a mechanism for broad appreciation of disciplinary and/or inter-disciplinary research contributions from faculty, staff, and students

- Develop a policy for strategic and equitable distribution of faculty responsibilities to fulfill the College mission in teaching, research, and service

- Develop a fair metric widely accepted by the faculty and staff that properly values diverse contributions of faculty and staff to the College/University mission


Indicators of Success

- Increase in the number of faculty and research staff leading grant proposal preparation/submission efforts

- Increase in the number of faculty and staff contributing to writing and submitting proposals

- Increase the overall number and sizes of research proposals submitted by faculty and research staff as PI’s, MPI’s, and co-I’s


- Enhance the quality, size, and diversity of the graduate student body while focusing on graduate student success, visibility of their accomplishments, and research quality


Critical Tasks

- Develop best practices of recruiting and investing in the highest- quality graduate students – encourage interdepartment collaborations to implement such best practices

- Enhance the quality and quantity of graduate student applications

- Identify new sources of additional graduate student support, such as philanthropic organizations, strategic alliances with industry and others, fellowships, etc

- Increase the number of graduate students, especially Ph.D. students

- Establish a mechanism of bridging research funds for advisors/graduate students in case of funding gaps between grants

- Facilitate inter-department collaboration and sharing of best practices (e.g. mentoring, enhancing URM and female student representation; full and mini-courses in common; enhancement/professional development opportunities; social and leadership opportunities; writing support systems; etc.)

- Recognize and credit graduate students for their achievements


Indicators of Success

- Evidence of shared best practices leading to improved recruitment practices

- New sources of graduate student support identified and active

- Enhance the number of Ph.D. students per TT FTE to >2.5

- Increased diversity of the graduate student population, including underrepresented minorities and women

- Evidence of collaborative graduate student courses and sharing of best-practices across departments

- Evidence of processes for increased recognition of visibility of high-performing graduate students