The FIRST Tech Challenge program in Iowa depends on the organization of the Affiliate Partner office and support from University of Iowa student employees. We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Academic year!

Major responsibilities include:

  • Work with League administrators (LAs) to ensure hosts and teams are prepared to host meets.
  • Help to plan and execute FTC events throughout the season, including workshops, Kick-Off events, league meets, League Tournaments, Super Qualifiers, and the Iowa Championship.
  • Attend and actively participate in weekly team staff meetings.
  • Availability on the weekends for event support, including, by not limited to Saturdays in the fall and most weekends in January & February.

Ideal candidates would be:

  • FIRST Alumni – there is no better group who knows about FIRST than FIRST alumni.
  • Candidates who have had their license or permit for three years and a clean driving record. We will be using University of Iowa Fleet Services vehicles to attend events and student employees will be driving.
  • Candidates who are trust-worthy and respect confidentiality of discussions in this office. Information discussed in the office should be shared with former team members/coaches/mentors, etc.
  • Candidates who are timely for weekly “shifts” and events.
  • Candidates who show Gracious Professionalism in their work and correspondence.
  • Willingness to work with tools and assemble competition fields and robots.
  • Self-guided and independent worker. 
  • Candidates with decent academic grades. Termination may occur if a student employee is on academic probation and will occur if employee is dismissed from any of the Colleges at the University of Iowa.


Other important items: 

  • Student employees must be on good academic standing with The University of Iowa. Attending classes and completing coursework is the most important thing as a student. If a student is on academic probation, their position as a FIRST Tech Challenge assistant may be in jeopardy.
  • Student employees must work their “shifts”. At the beginning of each semester, or the semester prior, we will work together to agree on a work schedule. This will include days of the week and times to work in the office. Once this is finalized, it is expected students fulfill the shifts as agreed upon.  However, if a class assignment or group project is due, it is required you communicate your absence prior to your shift. 
  • Student employees must be able to drive University of Iowa Fleet Service Vehicles. Student employees must pass Fleet Services background checks and have a clean driving record. Employees will be traveling on behalf of FIRST Tech Challenge to and from events. 
  • Although there are computers available to use, student employees have found it beneficial to use their own laptops during work. However, this is not a requirement. We use the Google suite (gmail, docs, etc) to share documents among each other.
  • Student employees must pass University of Iowa Background Check, FIRST background check, University of Iowa Minors on Campus training and other required items for working with youth on campus.
  • Student employees must be able to lift 50 pounds. FIRST Tech Challenge equipment needs to be moved to different places throughout the season. 

Starting salary is $8.20/hour. Preference for Work Study qualified applicants students.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Whitaker