College of Engineering Results

The University completed the Working at Iowa Survey of faculty and staff in the fall of 2018, following similar surveys conducted in 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016.  This survey provides a snapshot of employee engagement by asking for employee perceptions about their job, their unit, and the University as a whole.  Each college received a report summarizing the results from faculty and staff in that college.  The College of Engineering 2018 report is available for your review.

Some highlights from the College of Engineering results include:

  • 73.6% of our faculty and staff responded to the survey.
  • A new overall engagement score was developed this year based on a set of 9 new survey items.  Our faculty and staff engagement scores are very close to, but slightly below, the University-wide average scores (see p. 4 of the report).
  • Areas of particular strength for the College include:  respectful relationships between supervisors and faculty/staff (Question 6); faculty and staff report understanding their work expectations (Question 1) and how their work supports the mission of the University (Question 16).
  • Consistent with campus-wide results, areas that may warrant further consideration include workload distribution (Question 9) and recognition of faculty/staff accomplishments (Question 18).

The College of Engineering results will be discussed with Engineering Administrative Council, Engineering Faculty Council, and Engineering Staff Advisory Council this spring semester.  Opportunities for further conversation and planning related to the survey results will be coordinated following those initial discussions.  Department/center level reports will be shared with staff and faculty in the relevant departments/centers as well.

Please peruse the College of Engineering report to learn more specifics about the results.  If you have questions or comments about the College of Engineering survey results, or ideas about follow-up actions, please share those ideas with Diane Fountain, Senior Human Resources Director.

The University of Iowa Report is also available for your review, along with additional Working at Iowa information, on the University Human Resources Working at Iowa webpage.