Presented to alumni and non-alumni for exceptional achievement and leadership in creating and inspiring the principles of innovative, entrepreneurial spirit -- setting an extraordinary example for aspiring students, dedicated faculty and staff, and fellow alumni of The University of Iowa College of Engineering.

The award will be presented annually for each of the six programs in the College of Engineering. Departments will accept and evaluagte recommendations in September, and will present the department nomination to the Dean for final selection by October 1.  The recipient of each academic program will be invited by the academic program to present an undergraduate professional seminar during spring semester, at which they also will receive their award.

Roger Koch
BSChE 1977
Conscious Lighting
Awarded October 13, 2016

Steve Davis
MS 2003 in Electrical and Computer Engineering
President and Co-founder
Awarded April 7, 2016

Bao J. Do
BSEE 1985
MS 1988 in Electrical and Computer Engineering
President and Co-Founder
ABC Virtual Communications
Awarded September 28, 2001

James C. Griffin, Jr.
BSE 1994 in Electrical Engineering
Executive Vice President
Verifications, Inc.
Awarded September 28, 2001

James R. Lightner
BSME 1944
Chairman and President (Retired)
Electrospace Systems, Inc.
Awarded September 28, 2001

Hass Machlab
President and CEO
Innovative Software Engineering
Awarded April 13, 2017

Gary F. Seamans
BSEE 1971
President (Retired)
Westell Technologies, Inc.
Awarded November 13, 1998