Notes & News from the Engineering DEI Council's Oct 2022 Meeting


1.    Introductions (everyone)
Please share what department/unit/constituent group you are affiliated with, and one of your group’s top DEI priorities or initiatives.
2.    Information & Announcements (Sarah & Diane)
3.    Recent & Upcoming DEI Events (everyone welcome to share recent or upcoming workshops, events)
4.    College DEI Annual Plan (Everyone will review and discuss)
We’ll share the college DEI Annual Plan and would like to hear what activities or initiatives are taking place that contribute to these goals. 

Action Items/Follow-up

⦁    We will organize a discussion meeting for anyone interested to discuss how we can help faculty to incorporate DEI-related topics (including social justice and responsibility) into engineering courses.
⦁    We need to continue to be cognizant of the need for Iranian student support. There may be interest in organizing a support group within the college, but we should coordinate with International Programs who has more familiarity with some cultural nuances we need to remain sensitive about.
⦁    At future meeting, Andrew Kusiak (EFC) will share what DEI-related charges have been given to EFC committees this year.
⦁    See notes about ABET/DEI – further info coming in the near future.

College DEI News/Announcements

  • If departments or units wish to request training, service, or a speaker from the Division of DEI, fill out this online form
    • Could you please let me know if you are planning to make a request? In some cases, it may be best to coordinate a few departments or do something beyond a single unit.
    • Example – the DEI Competency training we discussed during the meeting
  • DEI & ABET
    • Current draft language that ABET is considering:
      • Addition to Criterion 5 – Curriculum:
        The curriculum must include…d) content that ensures awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion for professional success consistent with the institution’s mission.
      • Addition to Criterion 6 – Faculty:
        The program faculty must also demonstrate knowledge of applicable institutional policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion and demonstrate awareness appropriate to providing an equitable and inclusive environment for its students that respects the institution’s mission.
    • SV and two ABET coordinators recently attended a Big10++ symposium on this topic to discuss and brainstorm how to implement and assess these additional criteria.
    • In the coming months, we’ll provide more info about next steps, but it may be helpful to remind faculty that the new criteria is currently being considered by ABET (I believe the vote will occur sometime this semester).