Notes & News from the Engineering DEI Council's Nov 2022 Meeting


  1. Introductions (Welcome to Akor and Lucinda, our grad student reps!)
    Please share what department/unit/constituent group you are affiliated with, and one of your group’s top DEI priorities or initiatives.
  2. Information & Announcements (Sarah & Diane)
  3. Possible Workshop Participation “Challenge” (Sarah & Diane, everyone)
    The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology is offering a workshop on Transparent Course Design: Fostering Students’ Belonging. It is asynchronous and focused on straightforward pedagogical changes that can be made to courses to increase students’ sense of belonging and engagement by clearly communicating assignments and their purpose.
  4. MLK & STEM Event (Sarah, everyone)
    Sarah will share initial thoughts on annual MLK & STEM event co-organized by COE & Math departments to get suggestions
  5. Social Justice/Responsibility in Engineering Curriculum (everyone)
    Follow-up after Oct 31 ad hoc meeting and next steps.

Notes/Action Items/Follow-up

  • We will continue to plan the STEM MLK event – details about time/location to follow. Event will be panel discussion about incorporating social justice and social responsibility topics into the curriculum. Our goal is to put together a panel of instructors who have experience doing this, to share their approaches.
    • Please contact Sarah with any suggested panelists.
    • It seems like there is enough interest in this topic to put together a community of practice (or reignite an existing community of practice, if applicable!). We can further discuss in soon.
  • We will proceed with the “Challenge” to departments around encouraging faculty to participate in the Transparent Course Design: Fostering Students’ Belonging (info & sign-up here)
    • Asynchronous workshop offered Dec 12 to Dec 23
    • Related to achieving Transparency in Learning & Teaching, which is a research-backed approach to increasing student retention, confidence, and engagement by making the goals of assignments more transparent (See
  • Please also encourage your units to participate in the Cultivating Inclusive Communities online training:
    • This is a short (but very nicely done) online workshop. It is a time commitment of around 20-30 minutes. (Read about the course)
    • To sign-up and take the course, follow this link and search for course # WUCS03 (or just search by title and enter the word "cultivating). You enroll in the course via self-service and are then able to access it via ICON.
    • My understanding is that ALL faculty/staff/post-docs/students can enroll.

Upcoming BUILD & Other DEI Workshops

DEI Workshops held before the semester ends

Nov 28, 1-4pm

BUILD: Exploring the Influence of Implicit Bias

Nov 28, 3:30-5pm

BCG: Navigating Intercultural Conflicts

Nov 29, 9-11am

BUILD: The Culture Behind Sexual Assault, Replacing Rape Culture with Consent Culture

Nov 29, 1-4pm

BUILD: Beyond the Numbers (aka BUILD 101)

Nov 30, 10am-12pm

BUILD/BCG: An Introduction to Federal Regulations Affecting International Students

Dec 1, 10am-12pm

BUILD: Every Body is Different

Dec 5, 3:30-5pm

BCG: Navigating Intercultural Conflicts

Dec 6, 9-11am

BUILD: Cultural Humility: Simpler Than it Sounds, Amazing to Do

Dec 7, 8:30am-12:30pm

NCBI: Building Effective Relationships and Teams Across Difference

Dec 8, 10am-12pm

BUILD: Neurodiversity – Current Conversations

BUILD = Building University of Iowa Leadership for Diversity – Course Descriptions
NCBI = National Coalition Building Institute – Course Descriptions
BCG = Building our Global Community – <Course Descriptions

To enroll in any of these courses: log in to UI Employee Self Service, select "My Career,” then “My Training," to be rerouted to the Learning and Development portal. Click on the “Enroll in Courses” tab. Then use the search fields to find the desired sessions. (i.e. search for “BUILD” or “BCG,” etc).