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Our goals are to enhance the visibility of the College, increase activities related to engaged teaching and scholarship, and catalyze economic development locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.



- Enhance visibility and increase access to CoE expertise


Critical Tasks

- Develop strategic communication to inform Iowans, including legislative stakeholders, about CoE’s strengths, value, and excellence

- Provide training for faculty and staff to work with media and news organizations to explain the impact of COE research and innovation

- Develop a COE brand, voice, and identity

- Continue to increase COE’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

- Partner with the Office of Strategic Communication to help disseminate stories about college research, awards, and events

- Increase the number of faculty members nominated for high-level awards and national academies

- Utilize a range of communication platforms to spread COE messages – print (Iowa Engineer, College Viewbook), digital, and social media

- Leverage stories of successful alumni to increase COE national and international visibility and impact, especially across industry and government agencies


Indicators of Success

- More than 60% of funded projects earning media attention in their project lifetime

- 10% annual increase in social media followers across all channels

- Place three to five COE news stories in Iowa news outlets each month

- Host two to three alumni events annually (outside of Iowa City) with attendance of 30 or more alumni

- Produce three to five high level award/academy nominations each year


- Pursue opportunities for high-value engagement through teaching and scholarship


Critical Tasks

- Incentivize and recognize faculty and staff participation in engagement

- Create internally or externally funded partnerships in several Iowa counties

- Partner with the UI Office of Outreach and Engagement to teach faculty and staff how to better engage the public at local, state, national and global contexts


Indicators of Success

- Three to five courses each year with community engagement integrated into the course content

- One to two research publications each year in the area of engagement

- Increase in number of faculty and staff participating in workshops on engaged teaching and scholarship


- Engage with Iowa and the world to broaden professional education and catalyze economic development


Critical Tasks

- Expand certificate and degree programs available beyond the main UI campus

- Create new opportunities for professional education of engineering and informatics workforce based on industrial partnerships

- Broaden impact throughout the University, establish relationships with academic and industrial partners in Iowa and worldwide

- Support entrepreneurial education, new venture creation, technology transfer, and innovation

- Motivate faculty, staff, and students to collaborate with partners to solve societal, technical, and business problems


Indicators of Success

- Sustain a new MSEIT (Master of Science in Engineering and Information Technology) degree program

- Increase the number of faculty, staff, and companies participating in the college’s AI program

- Increase percentage of faculty and staff having formal collaborations with industry

- Increase percentage of faculty, research staff, and Ph.D. students submitting intellectual property disclosures and earning patent

- Increase numbers of industry-funded research partnerships and projects