The National Academy of Engineering was established in 1964, under the U. S. Congressional Charter granted to the National Academy of Sciences, as a parallel organization of outstanding engineers. Selection as a member by the National Academy of Engineers is highly regarded as the highest possible honor for an engineer in the U. S. 

Following are current members of the National Academy of Engineering who are alumni and faculty of The University of Iowa College of Engineering. 


Lilia Abron


Lilia A. Abron

(PhD 1972 in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)
President and Chief Executive Officer of PEER Consultants, P.C.
Elected in 2020 for leadership in providing technology-driven sustainable housing and environmental engineering solutions in the United States and South Africa.

John Cassidy


John J. Cassidy

(PhD 1964 in Mechanics and Hydraulics)
Consultant in Hydraulic and Hydrologic Engineering
Elected in 1994 for energy leadership and application.

Edmund Chao


Edmund Y. S. Chao

(PhD 1971 in Mechanics and Hydraulics)
Riley Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Elected in 1998 for development of rigorous biomechanical models for functional analysis of human limbs and limb-salvage procedures in cancer patients.



Richard E. Emmert

(BSChE 1951 in Chemical Engineering)
Retired Vice President
E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
Elected in 1985 for outstanding engineering research, administration of engineering work, and corporate planning in the chemical industry.

William Morgan


William B. Morgan

(MS 1951 in Mechanics and Hydraulics)
Head, Hydromechanics Directorate
David Taylor Model Basin, Carderock Division
Elected in 1992 for technical leadership improving performance, quieting, and design of advanced marine propulsion systems, and development of large modern propulsion testing facilities.

Nelson de Sousa


Nelson L. de Sousa-Pinto

(MS 1959 in Mechanics and Hydraulics)
Consulting Civil and Hydraulic Engineer
Elected in 1995 for solutions to resolve cavitation from high-velocity flows, together with contributions to and international leadership in hydropower design.

Mark Wiesner

Mark R. Wiesner

(MS 1980 in Civil and Environmental Engineering)
James L. Meriam Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Duke University
For contributions to membrane technologies for water treatment and understanding of environmental behavior and risk of nanomaterials.


Black and white headshot of Witold Krajewski

Witold F. Krajewski

Rose & Joseph Summers Chair in Water Resources Engineering
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
The University of Iowa

Jerald L. Schnoor

Jerald L. Schnoor

Allen S. Henry Chair of Engineering
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
The University of Iowa
Elected in 1999 for research and engineering leadership in development, validation, and utilization of mathematical models for global environmental decision-making.

Deceased Member Alumni

William Cassidy

Lt. Gen. William F. Cassidy

(MS 1934 Mechanics and Hydraulics)
Retired Lt. General
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Elected in 1967 for design and construction of military and water resource facilities.

John Craven

John Pina Craven

(PhD 1951 Mechanics and Hydraulics)
Common Heritage Corporation
Elected in 1970 for contributions to the development of sea-based deterrence, deep-submergence vessels, and ocean technology.

Abdel-Aziz Fouad

Abdel-Aziz A. Fouad

(MS 1953 in Electrical Engineering)
Anson Marston Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Emeritus
Iowa State University
Elected in 1996 for contributions to the analysis of the dynamics, stability, and control of electric power.

Michel Hug

Michel Hug

(PhD 1956 in Mechanics and Hydraulics)
Independent Consultant
Elected in 1979 for contributions and leadership in engineering research in hydraulics as applied to power stations and in planning and execution of the nuclear power plant program of France.

Robert McIntosh

Robert E. McIntosh

(PhD 1967 Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Distinguished University Professor
University of Massachusetts
Elected in 1997 for contributions to microwave and millimeter wave radar remote sensing and its applications.

John McNown

John S. McNown

(MS 1937 Mechanics and Hydraulics)
Visiting Professor
University of Kansas
Elected in 1987 for outstanding contributions to the application of fluid mechanics, and for exceptional professional leadership in advancing engineering education in Africa.

Harold Peterson

Harold A. Peterson

(BSEE 1932, MS 1933 Electrical Engineering)
Edward Bennett Professor Emeritus
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Elected in 1978 for contributions to the analysis of electric power systems and power engineering education.

Robert Smith

Robert L. Smith

(BSCE 1947, MS 1948 Civil Engineering)
Deane Ackers Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering
University of Kansas
Elected in 1975 for leadership in water resources planning, engineering education and urban hydrology.

Jin Wu

Jin Wu

(MS 1961, PhD 1964 Mechanics and Hydraulics)
Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Cheng Kung University
Elected in for advancing knowledge of the air-sea interface through experiments with applications to remote sensing and the environment.

Chia-Shun Yih

Chia-Shun Yih

(MS 1947, PhD 1948 Mechanics and Hydraulics)
S.P. Timoshenko University Professor Emeritus
University of Michigan
Elected in 1980 for research, writings, and lectures on the mechanics of fluids, particularly flows with density stratification.