Switching to the New Curriculum in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Steps and Instructions

Updated 19 August 2021

Switching to the New Curriculum The College of Engineering has implemented new curriculum requirements for incoming students beginning in Fall 2021. All students who entered prior to Fall 2021 are on the old curriculum. Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) students who are on the old curriculum may choose to switch to the new curriculum requirements.


The main changes in the new curriculum for the Civil Engineering Program and Environmental Engineering Program are:

  • ENGR:2120 Electrical Circuits is not a required course in the new curriculum
  • The recommended semester for taking some courses has changed in the new curriculum (see the New 4- year sample plans on the CEE website)
  • Additional engineering courses are accepted as electives for certain Focus Areas (including ENGR:2120)


This information is for students on old curriculum. Follow these steps if you wish to switch to the new curriculum.


Step 1: Switch to the New Curriculum

Students who are enrolled in the old curriculum must opt-in to the new curriculum. Students can switch to the new curriculum using the following online academic form: https://workflow.uiowa.edu/form/NEW_CURRICULUM

Step 2: Select a Focus Area in the New Curriculum

Under the old curriculum, students must select an Elective Focus Area (EFA). In the new curriculum, a Focus Area serves the same role. For each EFA in old curriculum, there is an equivalent Focus Area in the new curriculum (e.g., the Environmental EFA is replaced by the Environmental Focus Area. Information on the Focus Area course requirement are available on the CEE website:

• Civil Engineering Focus Areas

• Environmental Engineering Focus Areas

Note that many Focus Areas have course options that were not available with EFAs under the old curriculum.

If you have selected an EFA under the old curriculum, you may recall the process. Students first filled out a PDF form listing the courses they would take to satisfy the EFA requirements. Then they would submit the PDF form on workflow for approval. In the new curriculum, students need only declare a Focus Area; a listing of courses is not required. The one exception is the Student Tailored Focus Area, which does require a listing of courses and additional information for approval. A Required Form for Submission for the Student Tailored Focus Area is available on the Focus Area pages linked above. To declare your Focus Area for the new curriculum, use the following online academic form:


Degree audits for the new curriculum will be implemented by the Office of the Registrar in October 2021. Afterwards, your degree audit will track the Focus Area requirements for the Declare Program of Study.